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Scheduled Backups to restore your data

We perform real-time automated backups for your WordPress site. Storage of the backup of your website on an external source would prevent unintentional deletion of files.

  • Backup Plugin Install and Setup
  • Remote Backup Storage Setup
  • Database Optimization & Cleanup
  • Scheduled & Automated Backups
  • WordPress Core Update
  • WordPress plugin Update

Or any other small development fix you can think of. If you aren't sure if it's covered, please ask us on Live chat below or email us at support@wpupwork.com Or just go ahead and order, if we can't complete the job, we'll give you a full refund.

Backup Plugin Install and Setup

Your wordpress website have all valuable pages, posts, images etc. We will install backup plugins for regular automated backups to your WordPress site.

Based on your WordPress site update frequency, we schedule a reliable automated backup service and keep your wordpress files safe and sound.

Database Optimization & Cleanup

Your database is like a library, to be well organized all the time. As your database grows larger, it accumulates more data and started getting slower. You may not aware of some old data's in your database need to be cleaned.

We will cleanup and optimize your database to run your WordPress site smoothly and quickly.

Remote Backup Storage Setup

Offsite Backup is the special feature of our service works with at least three back ups in three different forms. If something goes wrong in one location, you have another locations to restore your valuable data.

Our Continuous backup of your data eliminates the loss from fire,theft, file coruption. With a high-speed Internet connection and a Web browser interface, the remote files and folders appear as if they are stored on an external local hard drive. Encryption and password protection help to ensure privacy and security.