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Full Woocommerce Checkup

You may have created your WooCommerce store, uploaded all your products and are ready to accept payments. Let us make a complete woocommerce audit, check for optimization , order process testing to ensure your store running smoothly.

  • Full Woocommerce Checkup
  • System Status Audit
  • Speed Optimization
  • Site Security Audit
  • Transaction Testing
  • Full Optimization Report

Or any other small development fix you can think of. If you aren't sure if it's covered, please ask us on Live chat below or email us at support@wpupwork.com Or just go ahead and order, if we can't complete the job, we'll give you a full refund.

System Status Audit

We will do a detailed security audit to protect your woocommerce site. This status audit report is a vital tool for troubleshooting wordpress issues.

Software versions, server settings and WordPress configuration in system status audit report shows green for a effective smooth running woocommerce store.

Speed Optimization

Your WooCommerce store has to be fast to gain as many paying customers as possible. To help you achieve the necessary goal of having the fastest, most efficient online store we have optimal performance to speeding up your WooCommerce website.

Speedy website is not only to satisfy the visitors also for better SEO rankings. We provide you guarantee results and make sure your site is full optimized for speed to be a blazing fast experience online.

Site Security Audit

Our proactive security approach includes complete vulnerability scanning and diagnose the insecure checkout problems in your wocommerce website. We have some featured security audit services to protect your woocommerce website.

  • Malware Scanning
  • SSL Certificate Check
  • Site Blacklist Monitoring
  • Web Server Testing
  • Secure Hosting
  • Spam Injections

Transaction Testing

We will perform transaction testing to confirm whether the transaction gateway is working as expected with your store.

To ensure sales from your customers, We will make test transactions and finally we submit a full optimization report for your woocommerce store.